Many new technologies and execution methods appear in this world all the time. To be in the trend of all of the news, our developers always keep their hands on the pulse of advanced practices, take part in related conferences, and deal with modern game devices. That’s why our team is highly experienced in Unity platform, for the creation of cross-functional games. These games can be developed for mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and tablets, web and desktop, game consoles (XBox, PS4, PlayStation) and even for VR & AR glasses.

People need games to relieve tension after a stressful day, to fill time gaps during long travels, or simply to have some fun. Our team just not only develop games but also become the user of the game to understand the lifecycle and help improve its engagement by introducing new modes and ideas to help game perform better and have an increased game lifecycle

We specialize in creating both short and long lifecycle games and help our clients achieve the maximum ROI for their investment both in time and money. We are experts in creation of 2D and 3D games in such genres as action, casual, card games and even games with RPG elements.

Our team can provide you with complete development services
– creation of design and animation
– gameplay calculation and creation
– game design documentation
– testing of gameplay and content.

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