Plots Management

The Ultimate Nectar will support your real estate business and housing society management to elevate to a ‘smart’ approach. Our Business process automation will help you streamline your processes, as we have developed the operational module keeping in mind the best practices in the industry.

Our society management suite enables housing project owners to create projects location, phase, and block/sector-wise and control all projects under one umbrella.

We give you customized plots inventory creation where you can use preexisting dimensions along with custom dimensions due to unlimited variation possibilities in a housing project, also differentiating different location attributes. Users can also tag different plot statuses to streamline the relevant reporting.

Our ERP solution enables housing owners to issue stock in bulk with just a single click away to registered dealers and inventors without worrying about the hassle of sorting, arranging, and consolidating the sales report as the cloud system runs on a live computing method. Our solution helps land developers systematically perform fair and square balloting operations based on custom-defined policy and help assign plot numbers to these issued stock in a matter of seconds which traditional assigning methods take months of working.

Our powerful tool helps you create a mandatory physical record of properties with the satisfaction of being precise as all documents are tagged with QR codes and defined payment plans leaving the margin of error to almost zero percent.

Pre-defined plot application forms with QR codes help your front one window operation team to quickly register the customers hence increasing customer satisfaction and trust.

We produce multiple system-generated branded documents such as Multiple types of Receipts, Customer Ledgers, NOCs, Allotment letters, Customer Files, Transfer Letters, Cancellation documents, Closing reports,  for your core operation and help reduce both intentional and unintentional human error involved in the property business.

Our automation tool just not only streamlines your operation but also gives you access to the business reporting in real-time anywhere around the globe with systemized auto-notifications through emails, SMS, and cloud access. We help you make critical decisions on the go with complete business insights.

The system helps clearly define user roles and responsibilities and activities are associated with each users performance. Our history management functionality keeps logs of every activity performed on different properties and helps users keep track of commitments and actions performed by different users so that with the changeover of responsibilities the operations do not get disturbed.

The solution automatically identifies the defaulters of plots and issues them warnings and overdue recovery notifications through SMS and physical letters by post to help speed up the collection process and let you forget about recoveries management.

Your team can now issue systemized possessions to your valued customers through our tool and that too without worrying about legal obligations as the system will only enable the issuance of such critical documents when the systemized verifications are completed and all previous requirements are fulfilled.

That’s not it, we acknowledge the partners as key players of your business, therefore our integrated dealership management will help you assess the performance of each partner, issue them tagged inventory, manage financials and help appraise them on the performance graphs.

We have also enabled your customers to assess their data and payment history through our customer portal, where they can review the information, make online payments through Credit and Debit cards, register complaints and track it’s resolution. Hence increasing the trust in your property brand.

Our one stop property solution also help manage the financial and billing aspects of services being provided to your residents and automatically manage their receivables.

Worried about installation and shifting costs ? Our solution is developed using latest cloud development technologies and only a browser is required to operate the system.

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