Inventory Management

Inventory changes constantly. Throughout each day, sales, returns, new receipts – even damage and theft – affect your inventory levels. While daunting, effective inventory management and inventory control are the most important jobs in successful retail or wholesale business.

Effectively managing inventory gets harder as your business scales and the amount of inventory you’re handling increases. Taking advantage of technology can make things easier for yourself and your employees. This is why an inventory management system is invaluable to any large scale business.

Our Cloud based inventory management system is designed to process large scale enterprise inventory operations seamlessly. Now you can manage your multiple warehouses remotely with analytics to help you make decisions promptly.

Assign users with roles for inventory movement, issuance and return back. Generate GRN’s based on the purchase orders and assign rack numbers and warehouse locations to your inventory.

With our customized notifications get stock alerts based on your assigned re order levels at the comfort of your office space.

Plan your projects and services with our auto lead time calculation of your store items in transit.

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