HR Management

Inspired from how bees manage themselves naturally, our powerful HRMS – The Queen Pheromone helps you manage your workforce efficiently through the best HRM Practices by involving them digitally throughout the process and help achieve organizational goals

Our tool will help structure your organization on group companies layer and then trickle down to their respective departmentalization. The system will ensure the hierarchy management and all associated user reporting and approval channels within the defined policies. You can also define custom policies such as Gratuity, Loan limits, Fiscal Year, Pay cycle, Late arrivals and Leaves.

We help you manage your employee data smartly through the system by employee profiling, Education, Designation, Experience, Certification/ Practical Learning, Customizable employee coding. Your HR team can now quickly process new employee registrations, suspensions, terminations and resignations through the system within a matter of seconds. It makes a lot easier and accurate for the HR department to compile employee data through the self-service feature where employees contribute to provide mandatory data to system at the convenience of their office space using their own user logins.

The powerful central database is integrate able with third party devices and software products to improve utilization across organization while following the set company rules and policies such as Attendance devices and doors access controls. Our live attendance reporting system helps managers, supervisors and executives to review the attendance themselves and manage time adjustments for all out of office engagements. They can review time adjustments of their subordinates and can also approve their leaves and loan amounts for swift processing.

Our leave management system helps you define all types of leaves as per the defined company policies with premium features like Shift Management, Employee leave record and history, Auto leave carry forward, Leave encashment.

Payroll and Compensation Management System helps you automatically prepare the monthly payroll after processing all types deduction, allowances and advances. Intimate your employees as soon as the payroll is ready to disburse with automatic pay slip generation and SMS intimation.

With our customizable reporting graphs, know your payroll with just a single click. Now you can manage your gratuity, provident fund, social security and old age benefits through our system and focus on core HR functions.

Performance Appraisal Management System helps you review your employees based on SMART GOALS  defined by the company policies and streamline the appraisal process through system based on your organization hierarchy.

You can now set SMART goals in your entire organization and monitor across the year using smart features like Questionnaires, Managerial Reviews, Goal achievement statuses, Employee Email Notifications

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